What is Matcha

Matcha is a high-grade green tea leaves that are specialty grown, processed and ground into powder. High-quality matcha will have a smooth and slightly sweet taste to it.

Health Benefits of Matcha


Matcha contains up to 137x antioxidant contents than regular green tea which is one of important compounds supporting aging prevention. Consuming matcha is the way for you to fully take advantage of green tea potentials and nutritional benefits. Daily consumption of Matcha also help restore tissue damange, prevent disease and heal the body.


The level of catechin EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate) properties are found only in Matcha. Powering your body with Matcha before exercising can help increase your metabolism rate and push you for extra miles while drinking Matcha after exercising would further support your body fat burning.


Matcha is an ideal alternative to coffee anytime you need extra focus and sustain your energy levels. The natural source of caffeine and L-theanine in Matcha partner up to provide you an energy boost without headaches and energy crash.


Matcha contains up to 5x more L-theanine than regular brewed green tea - an amino acid that is capable of inducing alpha wave acitivity production in the brain. L-theanine supports releasing your stress, promote relaxation and heightening focus.

The Process of Making Matcha


To increase the deep green colored leaves and increase the rich taste of the leaves, Japanese manufacturers cover the tree bushes with black sheets or straw canopy to block out sunlight for at least 3 weeks prior to plucking. To ensure the highest quality, the leaves are selectively handpicked.


At this stage, the tea masters and experts may sort tea leaves from different regions from Japan and grade the tea leaves based on color, texture, taste to be used in creating their own unique blends.


The picked green tea leaves are dried or roasted in a special furnace. By not rolling the leaves, the leaves remain delicate and crisp. Tencha shiage is what we use to make matcha. It is a refined dried or roasted green tea leaves which involves the removal of veins and stalks from the tea mix.


The refined tencha is ground on granite stone mills to produce the final product matcha. Grinding on stone mills is time consuming as one mill usually produce a small amount of matcha per hour.